Re: Startup strangeness

On 2009.09.23 15:20, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On Sep 23, 2009, at  1:58 PM, Jack wrote:
[snipped even more]
Terminal shows:
  bw_notebook_switch_page_cb from  to file:///var/mail/jack
  balsa_window_real_close_mbnode from file:///var/mail/jack to NULL
  config_save saving CurrentMailboxURL = (null)
which shows opening the inbox and then it seems something is forgetting the current mailbox before saving it when I exit (either with File/Quit or just closing the window).

So the last two lines appear when you exit? Somehow the processes involved in exiting seem to be carried out in a different order on your box from mine.
Yes. Is it worth figuring out what the difference is either in actual behavior or in the cause, or is it probably too convoluted and not worth the effort?

A simple fix would be to remove the code that clears balsa_app.current_mailbox_url in balsa_window_real_close_mbnode, although that would mean a small change in behavior: on restart, Balsa would show the last mailbox used, even if the user had closed them all before exiting--but that could always be documented as a design decision!

Wouldn't balsa_app.current_mailbox_url get cleared anyway when the user explicitly closes the last mailbox?

Can balsa tell whether it's trying to close the window due to explicit user action or program exit?

Anyway, that's probably a reasonable approach - and how often would someone close all mailboxes before exiting, but having "open inbox on startup" set so the inbox would be displayed anyway? Actually, in that case, would the last viewed mailbox also get opened? That might seem a bit stranger than simply not having Balsa ever start up without opening at least one mailbox.

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