Re: building 2.3.28

On 11/07/2009 03:15:03 PM Sat, MK wrote:

I have been using balsa for few years -- the latest one, which came
with fedora 10-64, since January.  However, it regularly (say once a
day if I leasve it on) causes X to crash.  This is sort of okay, since
I do not need to leave it on all the time, and usually it is only a
small hassle to restart X.

That's a new one to me! We've had several reports (and personal experiences!) of recent Xorg causing Balsa to crash, but not of Balsa causing Xorg to crash. Are there any hints in, for instance, Xorg.?.log about the crashes?

Anyway, Xorg should be robust to misbehavior by a client--that has to be an Xorg bug.


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