building 2.3.28

I have been using balsa for few years -- the latest one, which came 
with fedora 10-64, since January.  However, it regularly (say once a 
day if I leasve it on) causes X to crash.  This is sort of okay, since 
I do not need to leave it on all the time, and usually it is only a 
small hassle to restart X.

However, it is starting to get slightly embarrassing as I am now 
working with a vps server where I must maitain a persistant connection 
to manage certian details -- if my connection is lost, the server must 
shut down, meaning other users are also disconnected.  This will happen 
when X crashes, since the client at my end is a GUI.  Even tho it may 
only take me a minute or so to re-establish things, I have still 
created a hassle for my users.  So short of running two computers, 
using my email is now a risky affair.

Also, I would like to use gtkspell, since currently I have no spell 
checking at all in balsa.  So I would much prefer to build from source, 
which is what I do with a lot of software (I am a C programmer, I have 
some gtk projects and my desktop at home is source built from gtk on 
up, so using packages is sometimes awkward or undesirable).  I believe 
I tried to build balsa once or twice in the past and failed and just 
left it at that, but I would really, really like it to work out since I 
cannot find ANY other viable GUI email clients for linux.  The latest 
attempt was:

configure --enable-pcre --disable-static --without-gnome --with-gnu-ld 

and it crapped out here:

address-view.c: In function ‘lbav_entry_setup_matches’:
address-view.c:230: error: ‘internet_address_unref’ undeclared (first 
use in this function)
address-view.c:230: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only 
address-view.c:230: error: for each function it appears in.)

I don't really want to debug this myself and was wondering if anyone 
had any advice or (egad) had actually gotten 2.3.28 to build!

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