Re: (no recipients specified) when using postfix

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 1:07 PM, Peter Bloomfield
<peterbloomfield bellsouth net> wrote:
> Hi Justin:
> On Mar 17, 2009, at  6:37 PM, Justin Mattock wrote:
>> hello;(after spending 5 days)
>> I can't figure this out for the life of me.
>> I've compiled balsa from source using this
>> tutorial:(as well as everything else)
>> when building  I've decided to use postfix as the mta instead of esmtp.
>> The problem I have is I keep receiving a: no recipients specified
> [ snip ]
> I noticed this in the transcript:
>> To: undisclosed-recipients:;  <---am I missing an important lib/or cimpile
>> flag?
> Did you put that on the To: line, or was it constructed somehow after you
> hit "send"?
> Peter
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After some more time looking at the issue,
I think whats happening is I missing
some important lib/app that sends the info from
balsa's gui "To:" to postfix(or however that works).
But I could be wrong, To give you a better idea of
what I have, is this:
I constructed an LFS system starting with a blank dir, and then slowly
adding to it until it was bootable, and usable.
Now when it came time for a mail client I decided to try balsa
with postfix as the mta. Which at first seemed like a nightmare,
but really isn't that bad.
But back to the no recipients found, I tested out balsa and postfix yesterday
with a intrepid install on another box, and everything seems to be fine.
Which then leads me to believe that somewhere in my building of my lfs system
I missed some important library/header/something that make the
mechanism work with postfix(or so I think).
As a test I loaded alpine, and the result were good, "works like a charm"
sends/receives like there was no tomorrow.

Overall I think what I'm going to do is just use alpine/pine
on the lfs system, and balsa/postfix on the other box.
This way on the lfs system I don't have too many daemons running,
and I don't have to break my back trying to figure something out
that's way over
my head.(although I should of followed the instructions completely, instead of
leaving things out.)
But if its some simple xml/sgml/mime thing then I guess I have to give
it a go again,
but probably not the next few days(back hurts, time for a beer).


Justin P. Mattock

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