Re: I'm getting quite annoyed by sorting ..

Hi Mario!

On 04/29/2009 06:20:59 AM Wed, Mario Mikocevic wrote:

is there any chance that we can get a fix or tips how to solve following -

- sorting by *two* columns in threads panel
	in example, first sort by name then by the size or
	first sort by name then by arrival time
I don't care if it has to be flat index with no threading, just give us two dependent sorted columns

The message list is a GtkTreeView, which supports sorting, but by only a single column. If mailbox sorting was stable, you could sort on one column, then a different one, and messages that tied in the second sort would still be in the same order as in the first sort. But Balsa uses GArray sorting, which is apparently quick-sort-based and /not/ stable. Perhaps a stable sort is available and not too slow--suggestions? Or perhaps Balsa could remember at least the most recent column, and use it to break ties.

- if I choose sorting by From field and then slowly start reading from top to bottom listed messages, it goes all fine up to point when new mail arrives, at that point all messages are *re-sorted* so
I don't know which one I've read and which one I'm not.

You'd prefer that new messages are simply appended to the list, without threading or sorting? I believe IMAP mailboxes work that way, and local mailboxes may have too, at some point in the past. Perhaps that could be restored...



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