Re: balsa and vcalendar

Am 01.10.08 15:34 schrieb(en) Mark A. Flacy:
Just because Outlook does really stupid things doesn't mean that Balsa must.

The text/calendar MIME type isn't something Microsnot invented, but an IETF standard (RFC 2445, see <>. It is used by several Groupware applications, including free ones. A very nice example (and a good M$ Exchange alternative) is Kolab (see <>) which can use Kontact/Kmail or Horde as well as Outlook as "frontends".

In those applications, the receipt of an invitation will usually be used to ask the recipient for a reply (like accept or reject the invitation, again transmitted as vcalender message) *and* to add the appointment to a calendar application. While of course Balsa cannot perform the latter task, some support for sending properly formatted replies might be a good idea IMHO.

Just my € 0.01...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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