Re: IMAP issues

În data de Ma, 04 mar 08 la 15:56, Peter Bloomfield a scris:
> > I'm sorry, it doesn't make a difference. The Axigen server doesn't
> > support STATUS, the GMail and Courier servers seem to support it,
> but
> > with or without the STATUS setting, I can't see new mail in any un-
> > opened IMAP subdirectories (althought the check seems to traverse
> them
> > one by one when checking for new mail).
> A couple of recent changes being tested in svn should improve this. 
> Can =20
> you test them?

I've compiled revision 7883 and I see the improvement, the IMAP sub-
directories with new mail get bold when there is new mail in them. Very 
nice touch!

There is a small problem with the statistics in the mailbox list 
though... I don't mind much that the only indicator of new mail in a 
sub-directory is the fact that its name gets bold, I can live with 
that. But sometimes the statistics are displayed and they don't reflect 
the current situation. Suppose I have a sub-directory with 3 new mails 
in it. I open it and read a mail. The statistics are updated and I have 
2 new mails. The mailbox is closed and then it receives a new mail. I 
can't realize that because the statistics are not updated and I still 
see that there are only 2 new mails in it. This is an older problem, it 
was not introduced by your patch and a simple solution would probably 
be to simply not display statistics for closed mailboxes/sub-

Thank you so much, 


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