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În data de Ma 04 mar 08 la 09:24, Pawel Salek a scris:
> On 02/24/2008 06:31:33 PM, Mișu Moldovan wrote:
> >  1) I think there is only one (almost reliable) way to tell if 
> there
> > is
> > new mail in all IMAP sub-directories in Balsa and that is to keep
> all
> > of them opened and make sure they are not closed after a period of
> > inactivity. I say "almost reliable" because sometimes there's new
> mail
> > in the Inbox and Balsa can't tell. But in general, it's strange how 
> > the
> > periodic check for new mail seems to traverse all the
> sub-directories
> > on the IMAP servers, but I only see unread mail in the
> sub-directories
> > that are open (those are the only ones that get bold when new mail
> > arrives in them).
> Apologies for coming back so late with answers.
> Does marking "Use status for mailbox checking" changes anything here? 
> Status command should be a robust way of checking mailboxes but it is 
> very slow with some servers and therefore not enabled by default.

I'm sorry, it doesn't make a difference. The Axigen server doesn't 
support STATUS, the GMail and Courier servers seem to support it, but 
with or without the STATUS setting, I can't see new mail in any un-
opened IMAP subdirectories (althought the check seems to traverse them 
one by one when checking for new mail). 

> >  2) When I use more than one IMAP account I expect to be able to  
> > define
> > separate "Drafts", "Sent" and "Trash" sub-folders for each of them.
> > Currently, there's only one "Draft" mailbox, one "Sent" mailbox and 
> > one
> > "Trash" mailbox per Balsa instance.
> I can see arguments for and against this kind of setup - what are
> yours?

It's obvious Balsa was not designed as an IMAP client as it defaults on 
local mailboxes even if you start with an IMAP connection. However, for 
an IMAP client it is very inconvenient to not have per-server special 
folders: Inbox, Sent, Draft, Trash. At work, my Gmail account has no 
special folders in Balsa and all the drafts, sent mail and deleted 
mails end in the corresponding folders of my work account on Axigen. I 
don't want to mix them at all and I would like to see my drafts and my 
sent items at home too, even if I've started to edit a mail or sent a 
mail at work using an identity that is connected to that account (in my 
mind only, Balsa has no way of connecting them, I think).

> >  4) Public Folders are a PITA. I don't use them anymore with
> Courier,
> > but I remember I had some issues which I have raised here in the
> past.
> > On Axigen I have no idea how to access them, they don't appear in
> the
> > list even if I uncheck the "Subscribed folders only" setting (which
> > seems to work for the other sub-directories). But they work with
> other
> > IMAP clients: Thunderbird, Evolution, Sylpheed etc.
> I think it is a question of detecting NAMESPACEs. I usually just add  
> another IMAP server with a prefix set to the relevant namespace  
> (#shared in case of UW-IMAP. Some other servers maybe use 
> #Public?)...
> Adding protocol support for this is easy, finding a right user  
> interface bit more complex, imo. I may be time to investigate how
> other  
> IMAP servers do that...

I've managed to subscribe to Public Folders by editing the "config" 
file in the ~/.balsa directory. Axigen uses "~Public Folder".

Another issue that arises after a bit of use is that Balsa spends *a 
lot* of time opening an IMAP sub-directory. The amount of time seems to 
be proportional with the number of messages in that sub-directory. For 
more than 1000 messages this becomes very annoying as Balsa's interface 
"freezes" and the user has no choice but to wait for the open operation 
to end... 



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