IMAP issues

Disclaimer: The problems described here may be server-side issues, so 
I'll try to limit myself to the problems that are common to at least 
two IMAP servers, hoping that the problems are not server-side. The 
IMAP servers that I use are: Courier, Axigen and GMail (two of them at 
work and two at home). I also use Exchange sometimes, but I'll let that 
beast aside this time.

 1) I think there is only one (almost reliable) way to tell if there is 
new mail in all IMAP sub-directories in Balsa and that is to keep all 
of them opened and make sure they are not closed after a period of 
inactivity. I say "almost reliable" because sometimes there's new mail 
in the Inbox and Balsa can't tell. But in general, it's strange how the 
periodic check for new mail seems to traverse all the sub-directories 
on the IMAP servers, but I only see unread mail in the sub-directories 
that are open (those are the only ones that get bold when new mail 
arrives in them). 

 2) When I use more than one IMAP account I expect to be able to define 
separate "Drafts", "Sent" and "Trash" sub-folders for each of them. 
Currently, there's only one "Draft" mailbox, one "Sent" mailbox and one 
"Trash" mailbox per Balsa instance.

 3) I can't make Balsa display threads on all IMAP servers, it only 
works with Courier. I guess the others don't implement server-side 
threads, but a nice IMAP client should manage threads even when there 
is no support on the server.

 4) Public Folders are a PITA. I don't use them anymore with Courier, 
but I remember I had some issues which I have raised here in the past. 
On Axigen I have no idea how to access them, they don't appear in the 
list even if I uncheck the "Subscribed folders only" setting (which 
seems to work for the other sub-directories). But they work with other 
IMAP clients: Thunderbird, Evolution, Sylpheed etc.

Thanks for the attention,


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