On 2008-02-08 20:04, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> A test version of this feature is now in svn (case sensitive only, 
> and no regexes :().
> "Edit: find in message" pops up a bar at the foot of the message.  
> The accelerator is '/' (as in Epiphany and Evince).  "Enter" and 
> "Escape" get  rid of it.  While it's up, ctrl+g is "find again".
> It's working stably for me, but as always with svn, ymmv...
> We'd be glad to get any feedback!
> Peter

Hi Peter,

[ Peter, sorry if you get duplicate messages, I'm resending with the 
correct identity. Oops. ]

Is is supposed to only work on the preview pane? I usually have the 
preview pane disabled and view messages in new windows, and I was a bit 
puzzled as to why I couldn't get the find bar to pop up. It took me a 
good 10 minutes of head scratching and finally a 'svn diff' to figure 
it out :-)

Anyway, this is a very useful new feature, it would be great if it 
could work for us, preview pane-less people :-) My other wish is it 
wasn't case sensitive, as it artificially limits its usefulness a bit, 
I think.

Thanks for doing this! 


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