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On 12.02.2008 23:32:53, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Ildar!

> On 28.06.2006 15:04:22, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
6. Messagebox -> Next letter doesn't expand threads. E.g. If the thread is collapsed and I view the head message of it, pressing "N" brings me to the next thread, not to the next message of the thread, expanding it.
> As I see no progress here..

That's the way "N" has always worked in Balsa. With your suggested behavior, scrolling through the message list could get quite tedious with deep threads. Afaict, "shift+N" isn't taken for any action currently--perhaps it could be used for a "Next Message in Thread" option.

I recently noticed that while the Edit:Find dialog has an empty string, "ctrl+G" works exactly the way you'd like "N" to work: the empty string matches all messages, and "Find Next" expands threads automatically.

Of course, you can always expand the entire thread with "Shift+CursorRight", and just use "N"!

Hi, Peter!

These two are tricky! Thanks a lot for hints.

Best regards, Ildar
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