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On 02/17/2008 03:53:36 PM Sun, Nuno Monteiro wrote:
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Is is supposed to only work on the preview pane? I usually have the
preview pane disabled and view messages in new windows, and I was a bit
puzzled as to why I couldn't get the find bar to pop up. It took me a
good 10 minutes of head scratching and finally a 'svn diff' to figure
it out :-)

Oh...I knew there was something else that needed to be put in place! Umm, yes, it is supposed to work in the message window, just needs the UI work. More later...

Anyway, this is a very useful new feature, it would be great if it
could work for us, preview pane-less people :-) My other wish is it
wasn't case sensitive, as it artificially limits its usefulness a bit,
I think.

Thanks for doing this!

The case-sensitive part is a limitation of GtkTextIter, which is what Balsa uses for the search. The documentation has for a long time teased us with the possibility of both case-insensitive and regex searching, but nothing has come down the pike so far.



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