Re: Bug 562752: Some icons are not visible while no gtk-icon-theme-name is set

On 2008.12.28 20:20, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Sorry--that patch required a recent svn tree.  Please try the
> attached.   It /may/ mess up the size of your notebook tab buttons, 
> but that can be fixed.
Near as I can tell, the patch applied fine, but it actually makes 
things worse.  Not only are the missing icons still missing, but the 
little icons next to the mailbox folder names are also now mostly all 
missing.  However, with the "fix" I applied before (creating 
~/.gtkrc-2.0 with the single line 'gtk-icon-theme-name = "gnome"') the 
main icons are OK, but still not the little ones.  Are those the 
"notebook tab buttons" you refer to?

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