Re: Bug 562752: Some icons are not visible while no gtk-icon-theme-name is set

Hi Jack:

On 12/28/2008 07:48:11 PM Sun, Jack wrote:
On 2008.12.27 23:17, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Some users have reported missing icons when using Balsa in a non-
> Gnome setting <URL:>.
> The bug has a proposed patch, but I don't have a non-Gnome box to
> test it on--could anyone who's had the icon problem test it?
I'll be glad to try, but the patch doesn't apply to 2.3.25 or .26,
which are what I have handy.  (I'm on a Gentoo system.)  I assume I'm
missing something obvious - but I'll take a hint.


Sorry--that patch required a recent svn tree. Please try the attached. It /may/ mess up the size of your notebook tab buttons, but that can be fixed.


Index: src/main-window.c
--- src/main-window.c	(revision 7981)
+++ src/main-window.c	(working copy)
@@ -911,6 +918,18 @@
     GtkObjectClass *object_class = (GtkObjectClass *) klass;
+    gtk_rc_parse_string("style \"balsa-notebook-tab-button-style\"\n"
+                        "{\n"
+                          "GtkWidget::focus-padding = 0\n"
+                          "GtkWidget::focus-line-width = 0\n"
+                          "xthickness = 0\n"
+                          "ythickness = 0\n"
+                        "}\n"
+                        "widget \"*.balsa-notebook-tab-button\"\n"
+                        "style    \"balsa-notebook-tab-button-style\"\n"
+                        /* To use Gnome icons on a nonGnome system: */
+                        "gtk-icon-theme-name = \"gnome\"\n");
     window_signals[OPEN_MAILBOX_NODE] =

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