Re: SVN searlier than 7994: error while lauching a link from a mail

Hi Jean-Luc!

On 12/02/2008 01:38:27 PM Tue, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:

For svn version earlier than 7994 , when I click an http link from
balsa, I get a popup with something like that:

Error showing
Operation not supported

I've not build every version (I've some problems with ./src/doc/, I've to remove the following line to build balsa:
include $(top_srcdir)/gnome-doc-utils.make



I haven't seen that error--which HTML viewer do you link to?

Experimental support for WebKit as an alternative to GtkHTML{2,3} has just been committed to svn. It doesn't handle "cid:" message parts, and it's not guaranteed not to connect to remote servers; no time-table for fixing either of those deficiencies. But it does provide another choice for viewing text/html messages!



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