Re: Unsent message still in outbox

On 2008.11.30 19:44, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Hi Jack:
> On 11/30/2008 06:29:26 PM Sun, Jack wrote:
> > [Sorry for the partial message - I hit Send instead of Save.]
> > I tried to send a message and got some SMTP error (of course I 
> didn't write it down, that would be too easy).  Balsa left the 
> message in the
> > Outbox, and I thought the message said it would continue to try
> > sending.  It's still there (hours later) and hitting File/Send
> Queued
> > Mail has no apparent effect.  There is an icon of a red "!" in a
> circle
> > in the status column.  At first, turning on "debug" showed one line
> > about sending when I hit send or send/receive, but now I don't even
> see
> > that.
> > 
> > Any suggestions for further debugging?
> > 
> > Thanks.
> > 
> > Jack
> Balsa will not try to resend that message as long as it has that red
> icon  
> (is "flagged").  You can toggle the flag off by selecting it, and
> using  
> the Message:Toggle flag menu item (Message:Toggle flag:Flagged).  
> Then "Send queued mail" will try to send it again.  If the SMTP 
> problem was temporary, the message may go through this time.  If it 
> doesn't, that particular message may have a problem, or it may be 
> with your SMTP server setup.  (Of course, you wrote to the list, so 
> you must have at least one good server setup!)
Peter -

That did the trick.  I was pretty sure the problem was transient, but I 
didn't realize the flag was blocking resend and I could toggle it.



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