Re: Unsent message still in outbox

Hi Jack:

On 11/30/2008 06:29:26 PM Sun, Jack wrote:
[Sorry for the partial message - I hit Send instead of Save.]

I tried to send a message and got some SMTP error (of course I didn't
write it down, that would be too easy).  Balsa left the message in the
Outbox, and I thought the message said it would continue to try
sending.  It's still there (hours later) and hitting File/Send Queued
Mail has no apparent effect.  There is an icon of a red "!" in a circle
in the status column.  At first, turning on "debug" showed one line
about sending when I hit send or send/receive, but now I don't even see

Any suggestions for further debugging?



Balsa will not try to resend that message as long as it has that red icon (is "flagged"). You can toggle the flag off by selecting it, and using the Message:Toggle flag menu item (Message:Toggle flag:Flagged). Then "Send queued mail" will try to send it again. If the SMTP problem was temporary, the message may go through this time. If it doesn't, that particular message may have a problem, or it may be with your SMTP server setup. (Of course, you wrote to the list, so you must have at least one good server setup!)



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