Re: What am I missing?

On 08/01/2008 06:02:19 PM Fri, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
On 07/31/2008 08:18:23 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> On 07/31/2008 06:05:33 PM Thu, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> [ snip ]
> > Ah! You have, regretably, missed the point. Balsa is defaulting to
> > pt_BR. I have been unable to persuade it to use en_US, which would
> be
> > preferable.
> What version of Balsa?

That would be 2.3.25

OK, that contains the bug fix that I mentioned, so it must be something else :(

- pt_BR is the first language in the list that Balsa checks,
- hence is at offset 0 in the list,
- and Balsa searches that list for the current spell check language,
- and returns offset 0 if it doesn't find it,
I'm guessing that the problem is in the saved value of SpellCheckLanguage. Could you:

grep SpellCheckLanguage ~/.balsa/config

to see what that value is?



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