Re: HTML support (was: Please Support Right To Left Direction)


On 04/20/2008 03:07:30 AM Sun, Ali49969 wrote:
Thanks but developer team of Balsa can support some HTML Tags example tags for change paragraph direction or change font size or font color
I dont think add this tags become dangerous.
Please support sending emails as HTML format with support only some HTML tags. This is secure.

Composing html messages is unlikely to be supported by Balsa in the near future. We'd be glad to make Balsa more rtl-friendly if we can do it in other ways. For myself, as a 100% ltr person, I'm still trying to grasp the issues. For instance,

- if you receive a message with rtl text, or a mixture, does Balsa display it correctly?

- if you use the current message composer and enter text in a rtl language (and presumably in a rtl locale), or a mixture, what goes wrong?

Another poster <URL:> suggested that allowing the user to invoke a different text editor like Katoob would be helpful. That would be a relatively minor addition, which we could put in place quite soon, if we have a consensus that it would help.

Thanks for any insights!


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