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On 09/05/2007 10:41:10 PM, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a strange problem here. It seems that Balsa does not recognize
> immediately when mail has arrived in an open mailbox.
The problem persists. After it is started, everything works correctly 
for a while; the status of the open mailboxes is updated regularly, and 
when I manually check for new mail I get notified immediately.

After a while, though, when I manually check for new mail the pop-up 
just doesn't get away, the process seems to be frozen. There is a 
"Hide"-Button, but clicking it doesn't really help -- it just hides the 
pop-up, but doesn't cancel the operation. Consequently, <CTRL>-<M> does 
nothing and I have to wait until Balsa somehow notices new mail in 
*some* open mailboxes where new mail has arrived. On closing/reopening 
or changing the properties of a mailbox, the status of that particular 
mailbox is updated, however.

Any idea what might be wrong? It's really getting to the point where 
this behavior becomes a major PITA -- for the time being I have resumed 
to use find and mutt for quickly checking all my mboxes for changes 
once Balsa gets stuck, but obviously that solution is sub-optimal. :-)

Best regards,


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