Re: Would it be possible to...

Hi Mark!

On 10/15/2007 01:22:40 AM Mon, Mark A. Flacy wrote:
...have the Balsa method of entering the various e-mail address more
like KMail's?

In the screen shot, the "To" button is a picklist of "To", "CC", or
"BCC".  When you add a name, you get an additional row.  If you want to
delete a name, you click the button to the right of the name.

It's really nice to use if you ever have to edit the addresses in a
reply or new e-mail.

Netscape Communicator had a similar concept back in the version-4 days--I haven't looked at recent descendants. Yes, it's certainly feasible for Balsa--just needs some coding :)

It's surprising how one becomes used to a seriously deficient UI like a comma-separated list...



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