Re: two problems

	Dear Albrecht,
thank you very much for the explanation. (though your letter doesn't look RFC-compatible and even Balsa-written ;))

Best regards, Ildar
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> > contains the gory details.
> I meant the max length of stings in sent letter. That is after pressing  
> SEND, when the letter is ultimately formatted. Do you mean that the RFC  
> gives a precise figure, what length it should be?

For flowed messages the line length on the wire will be <= 72 chars as recommended by RFC 2822.  However, the lines within paragraphs will end in "soft line breaks" which are be removed upon reception by RFC 2646 aware agents.  Others which do not know about this standard (like M$ lookout) will treat the soft line breaks as hard ones and display the all lines with <= 72 chars.

You can check that by looking at the message source.  The lines with soft breaks will (in quoted printable encoding) end in "<space>=20<cr><lf>" which is the soft break.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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