Re: pcre problem

Dear Ildar:

Am 09.10.07 08:16 schrieb(en) Ildar Mulyukov:
$ ./a.out
RE (((https?|ftps?|nntp)://)|(mailto:|news:))(%[0-9A-F]{2}|[-_.!
~*';/?:@&=+$,#[:alnum:]])+ compiled successfully!


The recent version of pcre is 7.4. So it looks like I'm helping balsa to be ready for the new version of pcre. ;)

Still, as the testcase doesn't indicate the problem, we have to do something else.

Yes, looks like that :-/ I downloaded the alt src rpm, built it on my Fedora 7 (on a ppc) box, and (surprise) couldn't reproduce your error. Otherwise, I at least could have run balsa in gdb or ddd, with a break point in get_url_reg() to see what *exactly* happens. I don't think it's a mem corruption or something like that as it is perfectly reproducible on your machine.

This is really bad, and I must admit that I'm completely lost here. Anyone else having an idea?

Sorry 4 the bad news,

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