Re: Moving maildir folders

Hi David:

On 12/18/2007 11:13:50 PM Tue, David Elwell wrote:

I am about to install a new version of Linux, and I want to make sure
that I don't mess up my saved balsa messages.

Will it work if I simply copy the folders in my mail directory to an
external drive and then copy them back into the mail directory when I
have Linux and balsa reinstalled?

Is there a better way? Can anything go wrong?

In addition to your ~/mail (or whatever) directory, you should also save your ~/.balsa directory. The ~/.balsa/config and ~/.balsa/config-private files contain all your current settings (mail servers, identities, and so on). The ~/.balsa directory also contains cache files that speed up Balsa's startup, but are not really necessary for Balsa's operation. If you don't copy those, they will be created from scratch, which is probably a good thing to do from time to time, anyway.

Best of luck!


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