Re: Balsa exit with code 01 [SVN version]

Hi Peter,

Le 14.04.2007 14:20:08, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
Hi Jean-Luc!

On 04/14/2007 05:18:04 AM Sat, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
[ snip ]
Please how to checkut this svn ?
On Jeff's page instructions are for cvs checkout (which doesnt

This should do it:

svn co

See <>

and...good luck!

Ok, done.
It works this way.
The only remaining problem is the empty "I" notification in some

Yes--still not sure what's going on there.

About the svn/cvs, I was a bit confused with: others probably are with the CVS instructions at

I've found a couple of spam messages taht trigger the problem again.
I sent the mbox bzip2 on the list but the message is awaiting moderation because it was slightly too big (40k is the limit).
Can I send it to you directly ?


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