Re: Build problem with gnome and 2.3.12

În data de Mi, 26 apr 06 la 15:45, Geoffroy GIRAUX a scris:
Hello everyone,

I just suscribed to this list since i'm running exactly through the
same problem as described here : gnome org/msg00532.html

I'm using balsa-2.3.12 source package and the following configure
options :
./configure --prefix=/usr --without-esmtp --without-gnome


Welcome to the club.

Balsa can't be built without the GNOME libraries unfortunately. The "--
without-gnome" parameter is a leftover from the GNOME 1.x days and it's
not functional anymore AFAIK.

I'm surprised that this info cannot be found on the mail archive, I'm
pretty confident somebody said this already on the mailing list.
However, I've looked for it in this thread and couldn't find it.

Ok, I found it in the end in another thread, it's an answer from Pawel: gnome org/msg00546.html



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