Build problem with gnome and 2.3.12

Hello everyone,

I just suscribed to this list since i'm running exactly through the same problem as described here : gnome org/msg00532.html

I'm using balsa-2.3.12 source package and the following configure options :
./configure --prefix=/usr --without-esmtp --without-gnome --disable-extra-mimeicons

================ Final configuration ===================
    Installing into prefix: /usr
      Using multithreading: yes
   Enable compile warnings: yes
                Use ESMTP : no
               Use GtkHTML: 3
                 Use GPGME: no
                  Use LDAP: no
                   Use GSS: no
                Use SQLite: no
                   Use SSL: no
              Use GtkSpell: no
         Use GtkSourceView: no
              Use Compface: no
  Install extra MIME icons: no

Have you been reported this problem again ? The last part of the thread concerns the mime icons, but it seems the author managed to compile balsa successfully. Do you need any information regarding my configuration ?

Thanks for helping me. Sorry, I can't praise you yet for your work, but balsa without gnome seems to suit my needs best (light mua, gtk, native maildir support), and i'd really like to have a try


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