Display of image attachments

I was looking to re-enable the inline display of image attachments in the "complete message" view of a message window. However, I'm a little confused about the message body widget. I've examined the balsa-mime-widget* files but I'm having trouble tracing how a multipart message is assembled in the window. Even gdb doesn't seem to make it very clear.

For example, a multipart MIME message with a text part followed by an image part has the following in its backtrace:

(heavily editied)

and yet balsa_mime_widget_image_resize_all is called, so it is processing the image part but not displaying it.

Where does Balsa decide to include or not display a part when showing "complete message"? Where is the container for multiple parts that can be displayed (e.g. text/plain and a text signature as an attachment)?

Could someone familar with the code please give me a rough overview of the process?

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