Need help with really dumb office setup (lotus notes there)...

I have a simple question.  While it is a little off-topic, I'm looking for
a way to keep using Balsa despite bone-headed corporate "standards"...

My job recently moved from one mega-company to another - until now I have
been using balsa for a long time (and unix mail for what seems like

Unfortunately my new company is fairly adamant about using lotus notes
for email; however, as an email tool it lacks so many features that
it isn't worth listing :-(

I have found the export feature there, but what it exports is not
something readable by other mailers that I can tell...

If anyone has any suggestions (especially autoforwarding EVERYTHING
to another mailbox from within lotus notes - something which is
supposedly supported but I cannot find), I'd really appreciate it.


William Austin					waustin speakeasy net
"Always avoid meetings with time-wasting morons." - Dogbert

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