Aw: Display of image attachments

> Where does Balsa decide to include or not display a part when showing  
> "complete message"?

It basically looks whether the image part is of type "inline" or "attachment", see RFC 2183 ( So if you look into the source of the message and the image has an "attachment" Content-Disposition, it *should not* be displayed in the complete message. OTOH, if it's "Inline", it should, and it would be a bug if balsa doesn't...

> Could someone familar with the code please give me a rough overview of the 
> process?

Well the balsa-mime-widget stuff is just used to make the preparation of the display widgets a little clearer and to make balsa-message smaller... The "deciders" which part should be displayed still live in the latter file. Basically, the code loops over all parts, checking the MIME type and then calling the "right" balsa-mime-widget handler to create the widget. Multiparts are containers in which the children are packed. Crypto multiparts are somewhat special as they may display the frame with the padlock.



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