Re: Libnotify support

--- Pawel Salek <pawsa theochem kth se> wrote:

KTH theoretical chemistry, eh? I used to be in SU physics in the main
building. Small world. :-)

> On 07/17/05 07:15:16, Johan Brannlund wrote:

> > I'd like to display the Subject and From headers in the
> > notification.
> check_new_messages_count() might be a better place since it already  
> figures out whether there are new messages. You should be aware of a 
> difference between cases when balsa knows that there *may* be new  
> messages (discovered by a quick check on closed mailboxes) and knows 
> precisely the number of new messages arriving to open mailboxes.


Okay, thanks.

> Did you think of providing "system tray" support as well? It is  
> probably slighly less intrusive than libnotify and has no external  
> dependencies. gaim contains an example code in eggtrayicon.c

Well, it hadn't really crossed my mind before you mentioned it. I think
I'll start with getting libnotify support properly implemented.

Also, I thought people widely regarded gaim's use of the system tray as
an abomination and I'm not sure what's considered "correct".



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