Re: Re : Re : Re : Re : CVS HEAD: impossible to create filters [retrying]

On 07/13/2005 10:04:22 AM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
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Normal French translations always put a non breaking space before a column (:). In this case, I think the best is to edit the identities and keep Re: and Fwd: as it is a standard. I've rebuild my preferences and identities and I've not done that.

Balsa checks for "Re:" both literally and in translation, so in a correspondence between users with the same language, either could be used and would be collapsed appropriately. However, fr.po has it translated to "Re :", with a plain space character, not non-breaking. So the comparison would fail even in correspondence among Francophones using the normal French translation. In a multilingual correspondence, the translated form would never be recognized and collapsed. So using the standard forms is probably best.

What I wonder is why a new line is inserted in the message subject (I've edited this one to remove it)

It seems to be left there after some folding and unfolding of the headers. The message list and message display allow multi-line entries, so you just see a line break, but the Subject header in the compose window is a single-line GtkEntry, so it shows the '\n' as its hex value (at least, it does in my display). Replacing newlines (and CRs, if any) with spaces is trivial.



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