Libnotify support

Hi. Since I had some spare time and it didn't seem all that hard, I
thought I'd give implementing notification support a crack
( and now have a first version
working. The patch is uuuuugly though, with all sorts of hardcoded
values - giving it to you in its present state would be far too
Hopefully I can fix that - among other things I'd have to learn
something about the autotools, since I suppose a proper configure check
should be implemented. I also have a question:

I'd like to display the Subject and From headers in the notification.
Do you have a suggestion for the easiest way of getting those? From a
cursory look, it seems like I'd have to search the msg_tree in
check_new_messages_count(). Or would it be more easily done in
update_mailbox_idle() ?

Thanks in advance,


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