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Le 13.07.2005 14:32:57, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
On 07/13/2005 05:25:06 AM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
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Applying *all* the filters doesnt seem to me a good idea.
And a mean to aaply *selected* filters seems to me a good idea.  ;-)

So "Apply now" can become "Apply all" and you can add as proposed "Apply selected".

But (unless I missed something) that still would not provide a way of manually applying the mailbox's filters (the ones in the right hand list) to existing mail. When I add a filter to a mailbox, I usually want to apply it to the existing messages, but an "on reception" filter will be applied only to new messages (specifically, those flagged as "recent" when the new mail is detected).

I guess I could use the proposed "Apply selected" button before moving the filter over to the right hand list...but that requires planning ahead, and I'm very poor at that!

Maybe *I* missed something..

The previous behaviour was:

filters in the left side: nothing occurs when you click apply
filters in the right side: filter applied to the message in the box
filters in teh right side AND "on reception" checked: filter applied automatically when a message is received.

I think this (old) behaviour was the right one.

Otherwise (new behaviour) the only mean to apply a single filter to a given box, is to move ALL the filters but this one on the right and then clic "Apply Now".


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