Re: Copy and paste between Balsa windows?

On 19/01/05 18:13:51, Carlos Morgado wrote:
On 17 Jan 2005 18:03:50, Andrew Conkling wrote:
From other GTK+ programs, I've come to expect that copying from a child
window (not sure if I have the appropriate lingo here) is fine as long as the parent window is still open. Thusly, I should be able to copy from a
message window as long as the main Balsa window is still open.

For selection, no. For clipboard i'm not sure. I just teste with gedit and it displays the same behaviour as balsa. What GNOME apps have you seen leaving clipboard entries behind ?

Only those that have child windows; I can only think of Rox Filer as one I use frequently. For example, if I open a rename box inside a window, copy the name of a file, close the rename window, and paste the name into a message in Balsa, the name is pasted. If I copied from a message in Balsa, closed the message window, and pasted to a window in Galeon, the text is NOT pasted.

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