Copy and paste between Balsa windows?

Hi list,
I've had a few spots of trouble with copying and pasting in Balsa or from Balsa to another program. It seems that I have to keep a window open for as long as I want to utilise some text therein. For example, if I want to copy a link from a message to my browser, I have to keep the message window open--no matter if I do the select/middle-click paste or the Gnome Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V paste--until I'm through with the information.

From other GTK+ programs, I've come to expect that copying from a child window (not sure if I have the appropriate lingo here) is fine as long as the parent window is still open. Thusly, I should be able to copy from a message window as long as the main Balsa window is still open.

Am I wrong in my assessment?

Andrew Conkling

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