Re: Threading woes

On 07/01/05 12:33:42, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 01/07/2005 12:00:20 PM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
On 31/12/04 03:53:27, Andrew Conkling wrote:
Well, now that I've settled into using Balsa (and themed the icons!), I've noticed that the threading is often counterintuitive or counterproductive. For example:

Another problem I've noticed: After reading a new message in a thread, the italicised font remains on the messages further up in the thread until I move the mouse over them. Is this a workable bug?

I haven't noticed that one, but I still occasionally see no change after ctrl+E (or View => Expand all) until I move the mouse/pointer. I believe Balsa uses the API correctly, in which case the issue must be internal to Gtk.

Using GTK+ 2.6.1 now and I noticed that this quirk disappeared. Internal to GTK was right! ;)


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