Re: Reply-to-all, include yourself (or maybe not)

Am 01.04.05 21:30 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
It doesn't work when there is more than one of my addresses
^^^^ Ummm - I'm actually to dumb to understand what you mean here :-/ Maybe you can give me an example of received "Reply-To:", "From:", "To:" and "Cc:" headers, and the expected result vs. what my patch produced?

What the algorithm does now (better: *should* do now): the "To" address of the reply message is taken from the received "Reply-To:" field or, if that one is missing, from the "From:" field.

The "Cc:" list is then composed as a concatenation of all addresses found in the received "To:" and "Cc:" lists. For each element within this lists, the Internet address part is compared according to RFC 2821 with the internet addresses of *all* identities. If they are equal (which in '2821 terms means that "local-part domain" is equal if the local-parts are case sensitive equal, but the domain case-insensitive!), the particular address will not be added. At least this is the theory, and I couldn't see where it should fail....

Cheers, Albrecht.

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