Re: Balsa not threading correctly?

Hi, Peter,

On 2004.09.26 18:02, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Andreas!

With jwz, Balsa threads messages first by references and then by subject. What you show might happen if:

- the original message's ID isn't listed in the References headers of the replies;
- the subject in the replies has some character other than a simple space following the "Re:" (perhaps a "non-breaking space").

IIRC the guy who broke the threading sent the mails via a news-gateway, that could account for both methods failing.

Balsa uses g_ascii_isspace() to trim off the whitespace between "Re:" and what it assumes to be the original subject, and it can be fooled.

I'm not really into the intrinsics of programming, nor the code of either balsa or mutt; so I beg to pardon my heretic assumptions. :-) But as it seems that mutt somehow is not as easily fooled as balsa, wouldn't it be possible to adapt that algorithm?

Best regards,


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