Re: Balsa not threading correctly?

On 2004.09.21 00:08, Carlos Morgado wrote:

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 11:39:17, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
Hi, I just noticed that balsa (still 2.0.17; just looked over changelog/bts though and didn'f find any mention of this) seems to have difficulties with threading messages. I first thought that there was something wrong with the message headers and wanted to repair the threading with mutt. However, mutt already did display the messages in the correct order.

Weird ... 2.0 with JWZ threading should get it right.
(btw, threading in mutt or balsa doesn't change the stored messages)

This happened with JWZ-threading, that's why I wondered. I didn't think that mutt or balsa changed the messages, though, just thought it was strange how they handled the same msgs differently.

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