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Am 13.10.04 16:28 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
You can change the format with the environment variable LC_TIME (the documentation of "locale" will help you here). It is dependent on the set language (LANG) and should resemble the standard in your country. But nevertheless LC_TIME can change it independently...

I don't think it's a good idea to use *different* formats without a good reason in the same application. So IMHO balsa should use either the locale format *or* the user-defined one in both the headers and the list. The locale method has the drawback that less experienced users may have problems to tweak .bashrc/.cshrc, so I guess the prefs gui setting is the preferred method.

I don't like the idea of changing the date format in an application in general - Gnome should provide it in the control center (liek KDE).

This would of course be the best solution. Do you know if this is planned or even present in 2.8 (didn't upgrade yet...)?

Cheers, Albrecht.

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