ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.2.5 released (Pawel Salek)


Carlos's stuff is way out of date - can you do a RH9 version?



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Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 23:25:17 +0000
From: Pawel Salek <pawsa theochem kth se>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.2.5 released
To: balsa-list gnome org
Message-ID: <1096759517l 8568l 0l nora saleks org>
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Balsa team would like to officially announce balsa-2.2.5 release
available at

You can get balsa-2.2.5 directly from (built on FC2)

The src.rpm file includes gmime and is ready for immediate building.
Building from tarball requires earlier installation of gmime library.
Gmime library is available from or directly at
Observe that upgrade to gmime-2.1.9 is required to properly use GPG-
related features.

Major highlights of this balsa release are:
- GPG is expected to be fully functional now.
- sent messages saved to sentbox only after being sent.
- use of fixed-height with gtk2>=2.4.9 to speed up large mailboxes.
- mbox mailbox driver fixes.

Happy mailing!

On behalf of balsa team,

Pawel Salek

Philip Rhoades

Pricom Pty Limited  (ACN 003 252 275  ABN 91 003 252 275)
GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW	2001
Mobile:  +61:0411-185-652
Fax:  +61:2:8923-5363
E-mail:  phil pricom com au

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