Re: mark as read

On 11/23/2004 12:51:49 PM, Steffen Klemer wrote:

Yes, but the button implies "Toggle" - you toggle the unread-flag of the message away... ;)

At the risk of putting too fine a point on this minor issue, one area where the "Toggle" nomenclature falls down (and then time for a rest)...

If the mbox has both Read and Unread messages and you do:

Mailbox/Select All/Toggle/Unread

Balsa 2.2.5 doesn't actually "toggle" the msgs, which would imply Read2Unread and Unread2Read. Balsa changes the status of ALL the msgs to Unread (which can then be changed to Read by a second Toggle/Unread, as pointed out).

So, in that sense, it is functioning more as a "mark" than a "toggle", imo. Again, this may be academic, but is likely to be obtuse for the average user.


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