Re: initial thoughts on 2.1/HEAD - trouble checking mail and other problems

Am 05.05.04 19:57 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
> interfere with current work. The only disadvantage is that a separate  
> IMAP request will be made for the signature while fetching all the data  
> in one shot would be preferable - but this will require some work.

I must admit that I do not understand balsa's imap operation in depth, but  
I don't agree here...

This additional code is only called when displaying a text part via  
part_info_init_mimetext() (balsa-message.c, l. 1989). This means that the  
part would be fetched anyway in the next statement (via  
libbalsa_message_body_save_temporary), so calling this function after the  
part has already been fetched in the 'rfc2440 routine should not trigger  
the fetch again, shouldn't it?

I could also call the rfc2440 stuff *after* ..._save_temporary whitout  
forcing the fetch, and overwrite the temp file with the decrypted and/or  
signature checked content if necessary. I think it's cheaper to do  
everything in memory instead of using file io, though, and in particular  
it's also much easier as all the necessary post-filtering (think of  
encrypted parts) is done in ..._save-temporary (actually  



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