Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.0.17 released


On 03/29/04 20:50:31, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Am 29.03.04 14:44 schrieb(en) Mario Mikocevic:
> > Now question, _should_ I be doing this patch at all ?
> If you link balsa against libpthread (i.e. you did not disable threads  
> during configure), but also against libgpgme instead of libgpgme-pthread,  
> the resulting binary *may* work, but most likely it's somewhat unstable. I  
> *strongly* discourage doing that!!

Heh, somehow I thought so and that's the reason I asked !

[lossy compression]

> So you have two safe options:
> * re-configure balsa without threading support (I see from the compiler  
> error that use it currently) **or**

Don't wanna ..

> * re-build gpgme so you have libgpgme-pthread. This lib has been  
> introduced with gpgme 0.4.3, which is the earliest version you can use  
> with balsa 2.0.

Ok, I'll try that but (1) !

> In any case, *please* do not disable linking against libgpgme-pthread in  
>, this is a setup problem of the build system, not of balsa!


I'm thrilled ! It just WORKS ! ! !
Heh, for the first time running balsa survived overnight and it still _works_ ,
no hangs so far, no check-mail exits ..

Thank you everyone ! :)

	this is FC2test2 with balsa-2.0.17 recompiled with .spec from FC2 balsa SRPM
	_and_ my patch (yes yes, I _am_ aware of problems that are mentioned)

> Hth,
> Cheers,
> 	Albrecht.

Mario Mikocevic (Mozgy)
mozgy at htnet dot hr
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