ispell spelling not working


Recently I found out that there are ispell and myspell dictionaries for  
Lithuanian language so I decided to look into how spelling works in various  
programs. Unfortunately I found out that Balsa does not work with ispell, yet  
it should be according to spelling preferences, where you can choose either  
ispell or aspell. As there is no Lithuanian aspell dictionary I tried  
installing first French ispell dictionary and then French aspell dictionary.  
Balsa did not spell with French ispell, it just gave the message

No word lists can be found for the language "fr_FR".

When I installed French aspell dictionary, Balsa began spelling.

I use Balsa 2.0.16 from Debian Sid, aspell and ispell dictionaries also come  
from Debian packages. I use up to date Debian Sid.

So is this Balsa problem, or some Debian related problem? Has anybody  
succesfully used ispell dictionaries with Balsa?


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