Reá: Reá: Reá: new version of gpgme (0.4.5) breaks signature checking

Le 21.03.2004 22:30, Albrecht Dre▀ a Úcritá:
> Am 19.03.04 21:41 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):
> After some more heavy debugging, I discovered that the routine  
> gpgme_data_new_from_filepart, used for rfc 3156 signature  
> verification and for '3156 decryption, seems to be broken in gpgme  
> 0.4.5. I'll pass that bug report to the gpgme list asap (==  
> tomorrow). For the time being, please use gpgme 0.4.3 (I think 0.4.4  
> should also work), and upgrade to a newer gpgme when it's ready, stay  
> tuned...

I use the packages from Debian sid, fortunately, I have kept the old  
package (0.4.3). 0.4.4 has never been available on sid).

> Signature verification will work with 0.4.5 when you apply the smime  
> patch, btw, as it uses a different method to pass the signature  
> stream to gpgme, but decryption doesn't, so it's *not* a  
> workaround...

Thanks a lot for debugging!

One question: is there any use to report this bug in the Debian BTS as  
you have already reported it upstream?

			- Jean-Luc

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