Re: 2.1.1 bugs

On 03/10/2004 08:24:06 PM, Philip Rhoades wrote:
> Hi people,
> I have found a couple of bugs with 2.1.1 - not sure if they are  
> know about or not:
> 1. Even though I have HideDeleted=true, deleted mails are not  
> hidden and the checkbox for that feature is not available?

see the (sub)thread

> 2. Right clicking on a mail and trying to move it to another  
> folder causes it to be deleted
> ** I just realised this is not a bug - it is a consequence of  
> #1, the item is being flagged as deleted but is still visible -  
> but it _does_ get copied to the destination folder.

Right--`Move' is `Copy then delete', and the deleted copy is  
there until it's expunged, and visible (until we fix #1).

> 3. Even though I have ExpandTree=true, items are not expanded.

Is that `Expand mailbox tree on open'?  That option works for me.

> 4. Reply & Forward are putting a lot of crap in the replied to  
> message.

Can you be more specific?


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