Re : Hard-coded colors

Le 06.03.2004 14:04, Misu Moldovan a écrit :
>Hi everyone!
>As I've just entered the wonderful world of PGP and I now have
>a signature and use it to sign messages with Balsa, I have noticed
>the hard-coded colors in the PGP-related messages of Balsa. As a
>user of a dark theme I would like to set up these colors in
>Balsa's preferences the same as with the colors for nested replies.
>But are these colors really needed? After all, the icons are colored
>already and are pretty self-explanatory.
>Or even better, get rid of the extra line that informs you that
>the signature is valid/invalid and rely on the icon alone. Or at
>least give us back the full control over the displayed headers and
>make it possible to disable that line.
>Many thanks to all the Balsa developers! I love you all...

There are extra informations int he text that don't appear in the  
icon : while gnupg is rebuilding the trust database for instance...

			- Jean-Luc

PGP signature

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