Re: gnupg/mailing list validation error

On 03/03/04 13:50:46, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Am 03.03.04 16:27 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
>> As expected, I have verified that indeed other mailers do *not* fill  
>> tabs to spaces and people on my mailing list simply never use  
>> tabs :-)
>> An RFC reference would be nice from you email guru's, but don't   
>> worry  about it, it's not a problem google can't solve.
> Well, I'm for sure no guru, but maybe I can give you some helpful  
> information anyway... Basically a mta or list processor changing a  
> single bit in the contents will break the signature - with a few  
> exceptions. In short, changing a tab which is not at the end of the  
> line to spaces or vice versa does *always* change the contents in a  
> way that the signature will be broken.
[snip helpful RFC quotes and references]

> Is this enough ammunition for you to convince people to leave your   
> tabs  intact?

It sure is. Thank you very much Albrecht- I appreciate you compiling  
this info for me. Only one worry, though- signatures(the human readable  
kind) are usually prepended with a "-- \n" - note the trailing  
whitespace. I've seen it discussed many a time that mailers incorrectly  
gobble the trailing whitespace, as this is a standard that some MUAs  
depend on to, say, display the .sig in a different color. Is this the  
case here with two conflicting standards, as the RFC states that  
trailing whitespaces should be ignored?

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